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Just Beat It

I absolutely love Halloween.  We start decorating the last week of September.  I start thinking of costumes for the following year, the day after Halloween.  Last year I was able to convince my daughter to let me make her and her besties costumes.  She was a bit hesitant since she’s in high school, but she eventually gave in.  I only had two days to make their costumes so I was a bit worried.  After running 1,000,000 ideas by my daughter.  She finally decided to be a pinata!

I wasn’t planning on makin this a blog post so please excuse my lack of photos, these are just from my phone from last year.  If you have any specific questions please leave them in the comment section below.  I will get you an answer ASAP! 🙂


Things you will need:

Glue gun


1 poster board

Party streamer (a few different colors)  available here

Curling ribbon (a few different colors) available here

Black tank dress (we got ours at Forever 21 for $6.90!) available here

Plain headband available here

2 Party hats availabe here

1 piece of white felt (optional)

I bought the pinata sticks at the party store for $3 each.




Step 1: Place your dress over the poster board.  This will keep your dress from getting glued together.

Step 2: Cut multiple strips of the streamer.  I measured a tad longer than seam to seam on the dress.

Step 3: Fringe your strips.

Step 4: Start glueing your strips on the dress.  I started on one side then continued to place glue on the streamer as I was putting it down.  The glue dries fast.


Step 5: After you have covered the entire front of the dress ( I left the back open so that they could sit down without it getting messed up. ) Go back and cut straight up the seam where your leftover streamer is.  This will give your costume a neat, clean look.

Step 6: Take your party hats and roll them up a bit smaller, so that you get a pointier hat.  Glue them directly on the headband.  One on each side.  If you have trouble attaching the hats to the headband you can always use a piece of felt to help you attach it.

Step 7: Cut and curl several long strips of curling ribbon.

Step 8: Staple the curling ribbon to the top of your hats.

Step 9: Send your kid out to get you lots of candy!





If you do this project I would love to see it.  Post it on your Instagram and add #idiyforthis I can’t wait to see what you all create!!

Happy Crafting,

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