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DIY Lion Head Jewelry Box

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We all tend to have our typical “go to” jewelry that we wear more than we would like to admit.  This simple DIY will keep your faves visible and displayed ever so chic in this fabulous lucite box.  I ordered these lion head pull handles from Amazon a while ago, knowing I would find a home for them.  This DIY is super easy and I ain’t lion (see what I did there)!

Things you will need:

Lucite Box,  available here

Lion head pull handle, available here

E-6000 clear craft adhesive

Ruler (optional)


Step 1. Turn pull handle upside down.

Step 2. Carefully place E-6000 glue along the back lining of the pull handle.

Step 3. Fill in the hollow spots of the pull handle with E.-6000.

Step 4. Turn pull handle over and place on the center of your lucite box.  (If you want to use a ruler to find the exact center of the box, you can.  I just placed it approximately in the center.)

Step 5. Allow 2-3 hours for your project to dry.

Step 6. Find a fabulous home for your new jewelry box!

Brand Gals-IDIY-46a

Happy Crafting,

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