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I have the world’s most adorable niece! No seriously, I do.  I try to make my home as baby friendly as possible so that my sister has no excuse to not bring her over.  I was in need of a high chair for her, I was searching high and low.  Everything was either blah or too expensive for just a part time high chair.  I headed off to IKEA, because I love any reason to go there.  I found one that was only $20 but it was well, boring.  As usual I knew that a can of gold spray paint could save me.  Tip: I have given this out as a gift at a few baby showers and it was a big hit!


Things you will need:

Antilop high chair from IKEA available here or in stores.

Gold spray paint.

Faux rug or blanket.




Step 1: Spray paint the legs gold.  Allow 1-2 hours to let them fully dry.

Step 2: Snap legs back into the base of your highchair.

Step 3: Throw your faux rug or blanket over the seat.  (I got mine at Home Goods for $10 I wash it all the time and still looks good as new)

IMG_3660Step 4: Put your darling baby inside to instantly upgrade their dining experience!

If you do this project I would love to see it.  Post it on your instagram and add #idiyforthis I can’t wait to see what you all create!!

Happy Crafting,

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I am always trying to find a fun way to update stuff that I already own.  I was looking around my closet and noticed I had way too many hats and that there was nothing unique or fun about them.  So I headed to my craft room to get inspired.  I had tons of pom pom spools and tassels.  That’s when my oh snap light when off!  The end result was perfect and so fun.  You can wear this beauty just about anywhere.  I wear mine all the time with a white tee and jeans.  Wanna make your own?  It’s so easy!   Check out how Mary Elizabeth & I made these hats here.


If you do this project I would love to see it.  Post it on your instagram and add #idiyforthis I can’t wait to see what you all create!!

Happy Crafting,

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I’m obsessed with parties and adding extra special (easy) touches.  Even when someone I hardly know tells me about their upcoming party, I’m suddenly involved giving ideas or offering my assistance.  What can I say, I am a sucker for a party!

When my dear friend and fellow DIY diva Leah from Living With Leah mentioned it was baby shower time, I knew I had to help! These golden duckies change the baby shower game.

Want to see us in action? Watch our DIY video HERE and if you want to see how it all turned out click HERE to see Baby Finn’s shower DIY’s in action!  While you are visiting Leah’s channel let us know what you think and subscribe because Leah always has something fabulous up her DIY sleeve!




Things you will need:

Large rubber duckies available here

White primer spray paint.

Gold spray paint

Clear coat spray paint (Not pictured, but oh so needed)

Seersucker baby Bow ties available here for a baby boy shower.  Lace bow, pearls or fresh flowers if they are having a girl.


Step 1. Spray ducks with white primer.  One coat is fine. Don’t over spray, you don’t want to get drips of paint.  Short even sprays work best.  Allow 10-15 minutes for the primer to dry.


Step 2.  Spray the ducks gold! Like I mentioned in Step 1, short even sprays are best.  You can always go back over any spots you missed.  I do my first coat, allow 30 minutes for it to dry then I come back and touch up any missing spots.


Step 3.  Spray your golden ducks with a clear spray paint coat.  This will help keep the color and prevent fingerprints from getting on your ducks when you handle them.  Keep in mind, when it’s hot it’s hard to avoid fingerprints even with the clear coat.  So I always handle them with care.

Step 4.  Depending on what you are celebrating, add your finishing touch with a bow tie, pearls, flowers, lace bow etc.


photos by Christina Streit 

Here is a pic from my sisters shower, where I used a lace bow to celebrate my sweet nieces arrival!

Baby Shower-duck

photo by Joanne Pio

If you do this project for your next baby shower I would love to see it.  Post it on your instagram and add #idiyforthis I can’t wait to see what you all create!!

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We all tend to have our typical “go to” jewelry that we wear more than we would like to admit.  This simple DIY will keep your faves visible and displayed ever so chic in this fabulous lucite box.  I ordered these lion head pull handles from Amazon a while ago, knowing I would find a home for them.  This DIY is super easy and I ain’t lion (see what I did there)!

Things you will need:

Lucite Box,  available here

Lion head pull handle, available here

E-6000 clear craft adhesive

Ruler (optional)


Step 1. Turn pull handle upside down.

Step 2. Carefully place E-6000 glue along the back lining of the pull handle.

Step 3. Fill in the hollow spots of the pull handle with E.-6000.

Step 4. Turn pull handle over and place on the center of your lucite box.  (If you want to use a ruler to find the exact center of the box, you can.  I just placed it approximately in the center.)

Step 5. Allow 2-3 hours for your project to dry.

Step 6. Find a fabulous home for your new jewelry box!

Brand Gals-IDIY-46a

Happy Crafting,

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