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When it comes to coming up with ideas for presents, I try really hard, I mean really hard! I like to give people gifts that they will use and that they are excited about.  The older I get, the more I appreciate pajamas, I know you agree with me! When I get home, I run to my room, rip off my bra (can I get an AMEN?) and throw on my monogrammed pajamas. Yes, I will put them on even if it is daylight out! I love anything that is personalized, especially with a monogram; it is so chic! I feel so fancy walking around in them.  When my friends come over they are always impressed with my pajamas, so this year I’ve decided that I need to give these out as gifts!  Everyone I have already given them out to is beyond thrilled.  They have all had the same excited response, “I never buy myself PJs!”

My favorite place to get cute and inexpensive PJs is Forever 21.  I never spend more than $25.  If you are worried about sizing, it’s always safe to go up a size.  Then you can check with your local cleaners to see if they offer embroidery.  If they don’t just google “embroidery locations near me.” I found an adorable place down the street from me and they only charged $7 for a large monogram and it was ready the next day.

TIP: You can also make an out of town guest feel extra spoiled by having these adorable PJs ready for their arrival or these would make great bridesmaid gifts!


These checkered cuties are a thank you gift for my sweet friend Amy, I couldn’t resist adding these beautiful rose gold headphones by FRENDS.

I paired these ruffly tulip front satin pink PJs with Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home as a housewarming gift.


These I bought for myself because why not?! I love this classic striped setit was only $19.90! If you want to add an additional little something when gifting PJs, try a cute tea cup or mug.


If you decide to gift these or if you decide to treat yourself, I would love to see how cute they turned out.  Post it on your Instagram and add #idiyforthis

Happy Gifting,

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Book Club by Amy Dempsey (@amyldempsey)

Welcome to iDiy For This Book Club! Here you will find a fun & fancy selection of books that have more to do with DIY projects, fashion, life hacks, and entertaining than material for deep literary analysis (cause ain’t nobody got time for that!).



Christina and I agreed that our first selection was a no-brainer; no doubt, our inaugural book club post had to feature Mr. Kate’s A Hot Glue Gun Mess. Christina was lucky enough to meet Mr. Kate at an event celebrating the launch of A Hot Glue Gun Mess and brought home a copy for me since she had already ordered one for herself. We giggled our way through the pages together, commenting on how hilarious and creative the book is. And I don’t know everything (although I often pretend to), but I do know that you will fall in love with Mr. Kate and her book as well!


A Hot Glue Gun Mess is, as the subtitle indicates, a book filled with “funny stories (and) pretty DIY projects.” Mr. Kate begins each chapter with an engaging anecdote about her life and follows it up with a DIY project inspired by the story. Her writing is honest, silly, and a bit irreverent while her projects are unique, inspiring, and oh so doable!


Christina and I chose to recreate Mr. Kate’s DIY Pretty and Prickly Cactus featured in Chapter 11. We created two so we could each take one home and have it remind us of each other in the tradition of Best Friend necklaces. Because life can get prickly at times, but knowing you have someone to help you see the beauty in even the most sticky situations is truly a gift!



Things we used:

A Hot Glue Gun Mess (for the how to) available here

2 Cactus plants

Acrylic paint (we got black to add designs, then we got lazy and decided we liked it better plain)

Paint brush

Earings  (Seriously, how cute are the itty bitty chill pill earrings?!?! )


We had such a hard time deciding which of Mr. Kate’s projects to recreate.  All of them are adorable!







Head over to Chapter 11 in A Hot Glue Gun Mess  to get all the deets on how we made these beauties!



If you read this book & or do this project we would love to hear all about it.  Comment below and let us know what ya think! If you recreate this project, post it on your Instagram and add #idiyforthis #ahotgluegunmess

Happy reading and crafting y’all ,

Amy & Christina





I absolutely love Halloween.  We start decorating the last week of September.  I start thinking of costumes for the following year, the day after Halloween.  Last year I was able to convince my daughter to let me make her and her besties costumes.  She was a bit hesitant since she’s in high school, but she eventually gave in.  I only had two days to make their costumes so I was a bit worried.  After running 1,000,000 ideas by my daughter.  She finally decided to be a pinata!

I wasn’t planning on makin this a blog post so please excuse my lack of photos, these are just from my phone from last year.  If you have any specific questions please leave them in the comment section below.  I will get you an answer ASAP! 🙂


Things you will need:

Glue gun


1 poster board

Party streamer (a few different colors)  available here

Curling ribbon (a few different colors) available here

Black tank dress (we got ours at Forever 21 for $6.90!) available here

Plain headband available here

2 Party hats availabe here

1 piece of white felt (optional)

I bought the pinata sticks at the party store for $3 each.




Step 1: Place your dress over the poster board.  This will keep your dress from getting glued together.

Step 2: Cut multiple strips of the streamer.  I measured a tad longer than seam to seam on the dress.

Step 3: Fringe your strips.

Step 4: Start glueing your strips on the dress.  I started on one side then continued to place glue on the streamer as I was putting it down.  The glue dries fast.


Step 5: After you have covered the entire front of the dress ( I left the back open so that they could sit down without it getting messed up. ) Go back and cut straight up the seam where your leftover streamer is.  This will give your costume a neat, clean look.

Step 6: Take your party hats and roll them up a bit smaller, so that you get a pointier hat.  Glue them directly on the headband.  One on each side.  If you have trouble attaching the hats to the headband you can always use a piece of felt to help you attach it.

Step 7: Cut and curl several long strips of curling ribbon.

Step 8: Staple the curling ribbon to the top of your hats.

Step 9: Send your kid out to get you lots of candy!





If you do this project I would love to see it.  Post it on your Instagram and add #idiyforthis I can’t wait to see what you all create!!

Happy Crafting,

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When you love to craft, you suddenly find yourself agreeing to do 30 centerpieces.  My sweet friend Amy and I needed to come up with an inexpensive idea for these centerpieces.  Our challenge was to keep the project under $100.  So we headed off to the Los Angeles Flower Mart to get inspired.  We quickly realized that the most affordable option was succulents, which we are obsessed with! We decided that putting them in a plain terra cotta pots would leave them looking blah and unfinished.  Within minutes, these pots were getting a golden makeover and we were high off the spray paint fumes.  We added white rocks (which we found at our local pet store) to finish off our plants.  The end result was perfect.


Things you will need:

Terra cotta pot (whatever size you need)

Gold Spray Paint (or whatever color you choose)

White Rocks available here

Succulents available at your local plant/garden center

Succulent Potting Mix available at your local plant/garden center


Step 1: Wipe down your terra cotta pot with a dry rag to remove any dust or dirt.

Step 2: Lightly and evenly spray your pot.  Let the first coat dry for about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Apply a second coat.  Make sure you didn’t miss a spot.

Step 4: Allow 2 additional hours for the pot to dry completely.

Step 5: Plant your succulents in your new shiny gold pot.

Step 6: Sprinkle the rocks around the top of your pot. Make sure you cover the dirt completely with your rocks.

Step 7: Sit back and admire your masterpiece!




If you do this project I would love to see it.  Post it on your Instagram and add #idiyforthis I can’t wait to see what you all create!!

Happy Crafting,

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I am obsessed with flowers, I use them whenever or wherever I can.  I was in the organic herb section at Whole Foods and found these adorable edible flowers.  I wanted to sprinkle them everywhere, so I did.  I added them to donuts, plain cakes, dropped them in cocktails.  The possibilities are endless!


Option 1: Use them to decorate a plain cake, donuts or pastries.  It will definitely step up your dessert table.


Option 2: Use them on your bar table.  Drop them in a cocktail, freeze them in your ice or just use them as garnish.   If you didn’t think your cocktail table could get better, it just did!


Option 3: Sprinkle them in a bowl of treats, it will make your party table look so elegant.



If you use any of these ideas for your next party I would love to see it.  Post it on your instagram and add #idiyforthis I can’t wait to see what you all create!!

Happy Crafting,

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